Celebration of Life

January 9th, 2010 by John

The above is a dedication made through our good friend Charmaine aboard September Sea here in Marathon.

We met on a cruising forum perhaps five or six years ago. A friendly voice with loads of advice and a bubbling personality.

I saw from her signature line that she was in Marathon, anchored in Boot Key Harbor. I checked out the website of September Sea. Charmaine and Bill lived on their sailboat in what would be our destination in our first year of cruising. I also noticed that we shared a common bond. We both had lost a child. Her son had just died recently, mine about 13 years ago.

At Christmas dinner this year, Charmaine asked if I would like to have her dedicate one of her “sunsets” to my son, John. Of course, I responded that I would.

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Honor Roll, 2007, Part 2

May 12th, 2008 by John

Sharon and Larry, Leadfree Too, Metro Beach, Michigan

During our visit and layover in Metro Beach we met Sharon and Larry, fellow cruisers who opened their home to us.  A basic level of goodness we have found in the cruising community.

TowBoatUS, Hudson River

We have used our unlimited insurance several times.  The service providers have always been pleasant and the service exceptional.  As we were running low on fuel and daylight was waning, we put in a call.  The boat operator would have to come from the eastern side of the George Washington Bridge.  Two and a half hours one way!  After refueling he kept in touch with by cell phone until we were safely tied up for the night.

Sgt. Jim, Pittsford, New York

Jim has a tough job and deals with not very nice people.  It was nice to share our experiences with him and let him know that there are still good people out there.  What a guy!

Per Hans and Beckie, Daytona Beach

They loaned us their Mini Cooper for two and half weeks!!!

Cousin Cheryl, Solomons, Maryland

Cheryl has opened her house to us and driven us wherever we needed.  She’s an angel.

The O’day Community

The community of O’day owners has gone out of their way to help us.  From email advice to mail drops, they are always there.  Special thanks to Mike Collucci, Bill and Patti Coxe, and Pete Dodenhoff.

The Cruising Community in General and Marathon, Florida in Particular

The cruising community is always ready to help.  Whether it’s a ride to the store, a loaner tool, radio advice or navigational advice, cruisers are always there to help.  We have met so many helpful people that it is a shame we can’t list them all.  Special thanks has to be given to our friends we met in Marathon who gave us rides and helped out so much. Thanks, Gary and Marcia (O’day 35, Rockford, Illinois) and Harv and Anne (Victory 35 cat, Wausau, Wisconsin).  A special thanks to our traveling partner for the last 1300 miles, Tom and Lisa on their lagoon 380, Symmetry.

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The Honor Roll, 2007 Part 1

September 6th, 2007 by John

I think it’s pretty typical in the sailing world to meet lots of nice, helpful people but sometimes you just have to mention some folks who go above and beyond.

West Marine, Racine, Wisconsin
During our refit and 2 year stay in Racine, Brian, Larry and their staff were very helpful and friendly. Unlike many of the West Marine stores we have run across, these guys were very knowledgeable and went out of their way to help us out.

Scott Fuller and family, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
After meeting in Racine (fellow O’day owner) we became good friends. Scott and his family have done more to help us cast of the docklines than we can describe. Thanks.

The People of Northern, Lower Michigan
Every place we stopped the people were so friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Dickson and the folks in Harbor Beach.

Boater’s World, Harrison Township, Michigan
Special thanks to Eric for his help in receiving my long awaited replacement chartplotter from Garmin.

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August 15th, 2007 by John

Sometimes things just work out for the best. Although our first O’day was for sale for quite some time it really never generated the kind of interest that would make me happy to sell her. I really wanted her to go to the kind of home that would care for the classic that she is. She has that home now.

The Fullers, in Milwaukee, did so much to help us to get ready for this trip. They humbly deny this but we would never had made it without their help. I wanted to do something special for them so I decided the first Marylee should go to their girls, Mackenzie, Hailey and Sadie.


Happy sailing girls!

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About s/v Marylee

John bought a 23 foot O'day sailboat which he lovingly restored. We enjoyed sailing it so much that we bought a bigger boat, a 40 foot O'day. A couple of years ago we decided to plan for a retirement lifetime of cruising on the 40 foot sailboat. Now we are retired and we're underway on our lifetime journey on the 40 foot O'day. The 23 foot O'day is in good hands with the Fuller family.

Thank you all for your support. Please follow us along on our journey.