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November 20th, 2013 by John

For those who know me well, I always have to have something to occupy my imagination. Moving to land has been a difficult transition and with an unsold boat we are in adventure limbo. Things will soon change.

Mary and I love to travel and explored many avenues to quench this desire now that we have “swallowed the anchor”. Since the boat is still for sale, no great expenditures could be made. I was going nuts! I had to have a goal and dream to chase. Well, folks, here it is!

It is a 1998 Ford E350 Ambulance cab and chassis with dual rear wheels and a 7.3 liter Powerstroke diesel. It has 138″ wheelbase and has a gross vehicle weight (vehicle loaded) of 20,000 pounds. I purchased it on eBay and will drive to Richmond, VA to pick it up this weekend. A 14 foot cargo box will be placed on the chassis and converted to a camper.

This scheme started with this truck.

The van sits across the street from us. Ken no longer uses it in his business but has big plans for the chassis and drivetrain. He wants to build an old bus rat limo. I wanted the whole thing but he insists he is going to find this bus to build so I found my own chassis. He said I could have the box so now the fun begins.

I’ve got a pretty good idea of how I want the interior finished and have just completed some 3D sketches.

The bed is in the rear and there will be a large window shaded by a remote controlled hydraulic rear cover. There will be pull out storage under the bed both to the rear and into the interior. The head is the semicircular area. I haven’t mastered rendering cylinders so thats as good as it gets. There will be a small galley and dining area.

The finishes will be very contemporary and light colored. I’m looking at oak floors and quartz counters. The floor area is less than the boat and the head clearance is the same.

We don’t plan on living in it permanently so we feel we don’t need all the room.

Should be interesting. Following along here.

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