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I’m talkin’ smoked meat here. This is good eating. We travel between Oklahoma and Wisconsin fairly often and saw a sign advertising this place in Missouri. It’s about two and a half miles off I-44 in Cuba, Missouri. Take exit 210 south to Cuba (via historic Route 66) and you’ll see it off to the right. After living in south Texas for over 30 years, I’ve had my share of good BBQ but I have to say their ribs are the best I’ve ever had. Many times ribs are just too greasy. They may be tender but all that grease is too much for my digestive system. Hick’s are very lean but extremely tender and tasty. Offered in full slab, half slab and third slab selections, I’d say you better have quite an appetite to finish a full slab. A half slab (@ $9.95) is plenty but a third (@ $8.95) is even better because you may have room for cobbler, which is also excellent. The dinners come with your choice of two sides and bread. The sides are ok but nothing spectacular. I’d also recommend the brisket dinner ($8.95). Not greasy and very tasty although the first time I ate there it was a little dry. The sauces are good but nothing special. If you’re traveling with the dog, ask for a bone, no reason Rover shouldn’t enjoy Hick’s too.


I’ve been looking forward to this all day.  Left Madison this morning with one thing on my mind, dinner at Hick’s.  No disappointments.  Had a half rack of ribs with baked beans and cukes and onions.  Hot cherry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.  YUM YUM!  As good as ever and the price is till the same.  Hadn’t really noticed before but you can go through town and get back on I-44 at Exit 208.  Here you’ll find every fast food imaginable.  Just can’t imagine eating at McDonalds when Hick’s is about a mile away.


You cannot imagine how surprised I was to see that our little sailing blog was the #2 hit on Google when you did a search for Missouri Hick BBQ. Hardly a week goes by when a search for Hick’s doesn’t pop up on our stats page. Do me a favor and if after reading our blog and you visit Hick’s, tell them where you saw the review. Next time I stop in I’ll see if I can get a free cobbler!


Stopped by again on our way north from Texas. Still really good BBQ! They now have a website with our name in it! Pretty cool but still no free cobbler.

I’ve read a bunch of Hick’s reviews online and I have to make a comment of my own. You’re going to a meat place and all you have to complain about is the potatoes or yams or some other side dish? Give me a break, just order meat!

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  1. My wife and I ate there last weekend, IT was great. She really liked the sides, and she is not a BBQ fan , but she liked that too.
    I wish we would have had time to go upstairs to the upper deck, like a raised front porch.
    It would be great to sit up there , have a few beers, eat some ribs and watch the cars and bikes cruise by on route 66.

  2. Last fall (Sept/Oct 2008) we did the Route 66 thing starting in Springfield, Ill and ending in Santa Monica, CA. We took 3 weeks to do it. Heard about the Hick, and stopped there for dinner. Have had bbq ribs EVERYWHERE, but these were easily in the top 3. Amazing. I couldn’t eat all of mine, so saved them in the cooler and ate them for breakfast! Just used up the last of our sauce we bought – so will have to go online and order more. Can’t wait for the next time we’re in Cuba, MO

  3. The best BBQ place I have ever been to in Missouri. My wife order the big potatoe and it was enought for two people and then some. Very good! I order the sampler and it was excellent. I appreciate the slow-cook hickory flaver meat.
    Our order was fill quickly. The servers are down to earth and very helpful. Price very reasonable

    Wonderful Ribs

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